Were the Pyramids built by Egyptians, Canaanite-Phoenicians, Atlanteans or Aliens visiting Earth?

Were the Pyramids built by Egyptian Architects, Canaanite-Phoenician Sacred Builders, Atlantean high-tech Designers or Extraterrestrials visiting Earth? Are they older than we know! Built for different purposes than just mere tombs for the Pharaohs? Or… why?

Re-Written by Karim El Koussa
December 7, 2016

The Three Majestic Pyramids of Egypt
The Three Majestic Pyramids of Egypt

Ever since the «Pyramids of Egypt» were built many thousands of years ago and humanity is still, even today, in awe of that wonderful work of engineering. We definitely wonder about the great Mystery that is standing strong still for such a long time while remaining intact despite all natural disasters. An ancient construction that had contributed to an atmosphere of the supernatural and/or the unexplained that characterizes such remarkable edifices.

It had long attracted people in different fields, Historians, Archeologists, Scientists, Parapsychologists, Occultists, Engineers, Astronomers, etc, to construct complex theories connected with the Great Pyramids of Egypt that some were perhaps even surrounded by a feeling of “magic,” leading the way for a new science to be born; “Pyramidology.”

Interests have been mainly centered on both, the 1st, Khufu (Kheops) and the 2nd, Khafra (Khephren) Majestic and breathtaking Pyramids posing like two Celestial bodies amidst the desert-like-sky Giza plateau. Contradictory suppositions emerged to identify the time these monuments were built; who built them; how they were built, and for what reasons. Yet, despite the scientific approach that has been presented by specialized people to answer the questions at hand, there remains a compelling feeling in us all of an unknown hidden power residing beyond and behind the construction.

The Great Pyramid of Khufu known also as Kheops
The Great Pyramid of Khufu known also as Kheops


The time the Pyramids were built

In reference to the historical traditional knowledge we have been offered by the academic institutions, the date assigned to be as that of building the three famous Pyramids goes back to approximately around 2600 years BC, during the reign of the 4th Dynasty. Yet, the first pyramids to have ever existed in Egypt preceded them by about 100 years earlier in Saqqara  during the reign of King Djeser (Djoser, Zoser), founder of the 3rd Dynasty, and this work could well be credited to the first Egyptian stone mason, the Architect Imhotep.

Scientific studies done on the Pyramids to identify their exact age or so, using new techniques such as the A.M.S (Accelerator Mass Spectroscopy)—a more sophisticated and somehow much accurate method than the Carbon 14 usually used for such operations, showed that the great Pyramids are 400 years older than what it has been previously judged.

However, according to one story of ancient Egypt and Canaan-Phoenicia, the Great Pyramids, and especially the first one of Khufu, have existed long before that time!

We have now entered into the third millennium, and we do not yet have exact and decisive information on the precise construction date. This wondrous enigma, moreover, continues to enter a new phase of mystery and secrets as humanity wonders still how the Pyramids were actually built.

Inside the Great Pyramid
Inside the Great Pyramid


The methods of building the Pyramids

The Great Pyramids of Kheops (that took Egyptians around twenty years to build) and Khephren, measure respectively 230m and 215m at the sides, while the surface of their bases are more than 50.000 m2, and their heights rise at about 140m. The Egyptians used more than 2.600.000 stones, weighing from 3 to 15 tons each! The mathematical accuracy used in the construction of these unusual and incredible building monuments has fascinated hundreds, perhaps more, of engineers and architects around the world; British, Germans, French, Americans, etc.

Following their studies on the Pyramids, many different claims were offered about the techniques the Egyptians used in the building, varying from the “Lifting Hooks,” to the use of “Pulleys,” that had just been invented. Yet, the studies made were not convincing and didn’t stop at these two assumptions but went further to add other different techniques like the “Lifting apparatus by suspension,” “Ramps,” and/or “Inclined Planes.”

The Ramp Technique that could have been used among others for the construction of the Pyramid
The Ramp Technique that could have been used among others for the construction of the Pyramid

In addition to that unusual uncertainty that greatly overshadowed the mind of the specialists concerned with unlocking the secret of engineering practiced at the time, another factor suddenly surfaced and complicated the situation even further. The Stones! Where did the stones originate from? In fact, the stones used in the construction of the Pyramids, do not exist at all at Giza!

Manuscripts and wall paintings discovered inside the Pyramids reflect various methods of stones transportation, both on boats and sledges, which therefore strongly suggests that the stones used for building were in fact transported from somewhere else in Egypt, mainly from Aswan quarry for the granite, and Tora or Tura (name could be derived from Thor) quarry for the white limestone. What connected these two cities to the Giza plateau was in fact the Nile, and certainly across it was the only way of transportation since the Egyptians didn’t know yet the wheel, and through it came what was brought from across the seas.

The latter mean of transportation, “from across the seas”, reinforces the theory that some of the stones were shipped from the heart of Canaan-Phoenicia, nowadays Lebanon, because the Canaanite-Phoenicians, mainly Geblites (from Gebel, Byblos,) and Tyrians (from Sūr, Tyre), were reputed as great builders of the ancient world and because the foundation stones of the Great Pyramid were found similar to the ones used by the Canaanite-Phoenicians in building the Temple of Ba’al, which the Romans used as the base for the temple of Jupiter in Heliopolis, or as named by the ancients, Ba’albek, the city of Ba’al, the sun.

Phoenician Ships at work between Canaan-Phoenicia and Egypt
Phoenician Ships at work between Canaan-Phoenicia and Egypt

The Greek renown historian Herodotus of the 5th century BC, and named the “father of history” had something to say about the transportation of stones in his masterpiece, The Histories. He wrote;

« For ten years the people wore themselves out building the road over which the stones were dragged, work which was in my opinion not much lighter at all than the building of the pyramid… for the road is nearly a mile long and twenty yards wide, and elevated at its highest to a height of sixteen yards, and it is all of stone polished. »

The historian thus related to us that the transportation of the stones from the Nile River to the Pyramid site happened by sledging them on that huge road of polished stone.

Adding to the entire above scenario on the methods, this whole work of complex construction requires a large number of workers and builders, and considerable amount of time, as well. We should not also forget to consider the socio-economic factor that was dominant in that era and in that specific place of the world.

Archeologists like the English Egyptologist Flinders Petrie concluded that no matter how difficult and complex was the construction of the Pyramid, the workers at the site must have been but well organized and the stone masons, really professional. In fact, they could have used all the techniques mentioned above.

British Occultist Basil Stewart proposed in his trilogy on the Great Pyramid, like in his Witness of the Great Pyramid that the construction of the Pyramids is due to migrating settlers from Eastern countries or those arriving from around the Euphrates River who brought with them developed scientific building techniques. The Russian Madame H.P. Blavatsky, however, founder of the Theosophical Society, believes that the Pyramids were built by Aryans, the descendants of the Civilization of Atlantis!

A historical lost Civilization or a fictional island that much had been spoken about by so many people ever since the Greek Philosopher of classical Greece, Plato, mentioned it in his famous work Timaeus, a Socratic dialogue he wrote about the year 360 BC. The American Christian visionary and mystic, Edgar Cayce, referred to it as a highly technologically advanced civilization and as much, the Atlanteans were able to invent planes which were used for the building of the Pyramids!

The science fiction representation of Aliens building the Pramids
The science fiction representation of Aliens building the Pyramids

In more far-fetching sci-fi theories, some also suggest that the Egyptians built the Pyramids under the authority and guidance of extraterrestrial entities coming from other worlds using the Micro Gravity Technique (MGT), or what is known as gravity separation! Therefore, a stone of 3 tons will weigh under such condition only a few Kilograms. In fact, this technique is quite under progressive development and used by the American Space Agency, “N.A.S.A”, when training astronauts in special isolated micro-gravitated rooms.

The last theory proposed in the construction of the Pyramids is undoubtedly an imaginative one and explained by certain Parapsychologists who declare that ancient civilizations, like the Egyptians for example, were in contact with very developed entities coming from other planes or dimensions (ethereal), allowing them, particularly the High Priests, to have supernatural powers over the physical planes. Such a suggestion was projected by people who wanted an easy way out to solve the riddle in a more or less complicated way, like the English engineer, scientist, author and theosophist, William Kingsland who considered that the Egyptians used tools and ways we totally ignore. Hence, they suggest that the Pyramids were built by prayers and rituals of ancient Egyptian Priests (as reputed according to the legend accredited for the Priests of Heliopolis who had the magical powers to move things by miraculous means) due to their contact with entities from other dimensions like the Jinn, as do believe the Arabs!

Alien Spaceships as Pyramids
Alien Spaceships as Pyramids


The reason for their construction

Within all the scientific confusion over-weighing the scientific mind and the many fanciful views over-influencing Parapsychologists and people alike minds, Pyramidology, in its broader meaning, has not yet given a solid confirmation—a final answer about how the Great Pyramid was constructed. And… to say the least, this query goes above and beyond, to another strange question, what were they built for ?

There are in fact two ancient Traditions—which we have noted before—that have proposed an answer to this question in particular, and this concerns us a lot:

1- An ancient Egyptian Tradition spoke of King Surid who, after receiving a prophetic dream about the coming of the flood, ordered his people to build the two Great Pyramids (Khufu and Khafra) and to inscribe on the inside walls all the secret sciences, mathematics, esoteric knowledge and magic prayers, so it may be of use to the coming surviving generation.

2- Another ancient Tradition, though similar to the first one, spoke of the Canaanite-Phoenician Enoch-Thor (also known as the Egyptian Thot-Taautus, or the Greek Hermes Trismegistos) who, after having been ascertained from the appearance and alignment of the stars that the deluge would take place (the Book of Enoch), asked his Geblite artificers to build the 2 Great Pyramids in the Land of Misor * (Egypt), knowing afore time that they will be safe there, informing them to write down all the secret sciences, mathematics, esoteric knowledge and magical formulas on the inside walls, so that they may be of use to the future generation (the Book of the Dead).

This Tradition has been widely accepted by many people and secret societies around the world like the adepts of the Great White Fraternity and/or like famous authors similar to the French journalist and essayist Robert Charroux who often credited the construction of the Pyramids to the god Thot, in most of his books and essays.

Different other explanations were proposed through the years; one of them maintains that the Pyramids have the power to store Kosmic rays from the space and serve as a condensed energy for power. Another theory claims that the Pyramid serves as a giant clock showing the hours of the day and the days of the year through observing the movements of its shadow. Still other theorists explain that the three Pyramids at the Giza plateau (Kheops, Khephren and Mykerinus) are terrestrial points of the celestial map, matching by that the Orion Constellation as suggested by the international Belgium author and civil Engineer, Robert Bauval, in his The Orion Mystery and/or like in the Sci-fi movie, Stargate. Such a theory backed by astronomical evidence and ancient texts could definitely change the traditional concept of nowadays. It will actually prove that there was a religious urge behind the construction of the Pyramids which will hence manifest as launching stations for the kings in their final ascension towards their celestial places (aka, Orion Constellation) where Osiris, the god of the afterworld resides. There are also some Pyramidologists, like the British Astronomer Richard Anthony Proctor, who claim that the Pyramids, like the Stonehenge in England, were built to serve as Astronomical Observatories.

The Three Pyramids mirroring the Orion Constellation
The Three Pyramids mirroring the Orion Constellation

Who really knows what the Pyramids are?

Are they just a huge architectural works with nothing mysterious about them?


The Supernatural power that characterizes the Pyramids

As a matter of fact, the people who studied the history of ancient Egypt and its breathtaking monuments, especially the Pyramids, are eventually divided into two main opinions about them. While the most classical approach view them as only tombs for the Pharaohs, others view the structure as nothing but to “reveal or to hide” a deep metaphysical knowledge.

According to the bestselling Lebanese Author Karim El Koussa, in his historical-fiction novel, Pythagoras the Mathemagician, the great Pythagoras received one of his Initiation rites inside the Great Pyramid of Khufu.

« “The Chamber of the King,” Sonchis explained to him in a whisper.

There, inside the heart of the Pyramid, three priests, with bright torches in their hands, stood in wait at the three sides of a sarcophagus. Their ceremonial white robes and purple tunics distinguished them to be second in roles after Sonchis. Distinctive coronets crowned their heads; each one different than the other. One represented the Moon, with a globe of two horns. The other embodied the Rising Sun, with the eye of Ra. The third, with a serpent, symbolized the Vital Energy.

Sonchis and Pythagoras joined them at the head-side of the sarcophagus. The mystical fragrance of incense permeated all over.

“No one can ever escape death!” Sonchis intoned and the fatalistic words resonated with the same dramatic sound as their full meaning. “Yet, every spirit is destined for resurrection!” He affirmed in faith then turned to address Pythagoras with solemnity. “Here is the Hat-Ka, the House of Spirit. You will sleep inside this sarcophagus, Pythagoras, for three days and three nights until the light of the resurrected god Osiris wakes you up.” »

Initiation Rite inside the King chamber
Initiation Rite inside the King’s Chamber

So much research has been made so far on the Pyramids of Misor to come up with a definite and conclusive answer, however, a bizarre ambiance dominates still our spirits and minds: “There is an unsolved mystery in Egypt; there might be something out there, something supernatural.”

The ascending shape of the Pyramid, with its well calculated sides and angles, located at 30 degrees latitude north, reflect the image of an open door to the other world with all its infinite possibilities, where one could well receive the knowledge of the universe.

Therefore, as per the writings of the South African anthropologist and author, Lyall Watson in his Supernature, the geometrical shape of the Pyramid and its well measured sides and angles would create an electro-magnetic field that have its impact on many different things.

Many renowned tourists that have visited the Pyramids were able, when being inside its walls, to see a flashback of their lives, as in a movie; among them was Alexander the Great, who is believed to have been extremely fond of esoteric mysteries; the French Emperor, Napoleon Bonaparte, who answered his most trusted men about his supernatural experience that lasted around seven hours inside the Great Pyramid, probably at the King’s Chamber; « Even If I told you, you would not believe me. » It is said that this experience changed his life forever.

The King's Chamber
The King’s Chamber

Nostradamus, the French occultist and seer of visions, used what was called, the Pyramid technique with precise measures, during his prophetic sessions. It seemed to have created in him a similar bio-electric force which was strongly believed would sharpen his psychic powers, leading to prophecies.

Vibrating on the same frequency, some Pyramidologists built a scale model of the Pyramid using the same proportional measures as the Great Pyramid, and tried their power. They found out that it can be used for many purposes from “calming the nerves, curing some diseases, conferring immortal youth, sharpening razor blades, and preserving foods.”

After all, whatever the truth might be, and no matter how numerous were the reasons and how much the methods differed, it is not at all surprising to realize and concede that the Pyramids of Egypt were bounded by magic and always regarded by people as magical, where hidden powers continuously hover above and paranormal activities often occur. The effort needed to build such imposing structures was so great that it might well be suggested that they are more than mere tombs for the Pharaohs.

A great number of Occultists, Theosophists, Philosophers, Religious People, Spiritualists, as well as adepts and members of Secret Societies and Mystery Schools, believe that the Pyramids, especially the Great Pyramid, is a center or Temple for Initiation. In truth, the Pyramid stands as the symbol for the Creative Nature of/within the Kosmos; it is a perfect model for Mathematics, Astronomy, Astrology and Architecture. It is where all sciences meet at the peak, a mysterious sacred sanctuary for the evolution of Man; a stairway to Heaven—to the Divine Spirit.

Yet, we look and wonder in awe! A big question mark still lingers there, concerning its entire aspects, where the truth is not yet certain. No matter how long and hard we may try to find an answer, we may never reach it, and the whole reality behind the Pyramids might have passed us slowly along the years that we haven’t noticed it!

It remains still a world secret to all of us today, but certainly was a truth… to the ancient Egyptians and to their brothers, the Canaanite-Phoenicians.


* According to the most ancient and probably mysterious Canaanite-Phoenician Historian, Author and Priest, Sanchuniathon of Birot (Berytus, Beirut), 13th century BC (best say, 10th century BC), Misor is mentioned as brother of Suduc (Sydyk) and the father of Taautus (Thot). The name Suduc, potentially from the Phoenician root ṣ-d-q, cited by Philo of Byblos (64 AD–140 AD) as the father of the Cabeiri (the Kabbirim: “inventors of ship”). In fact, what has been conveyed in the work of Sanchuniathon proves the familial ties between Canaan-Phoenicia and Egypt (Misor). We find this in the work of Philo in an account preserved to us by the first Christian Church historian, exegete, polemicist, and bishop, Eusebius of Caesarea (260/63 AD – 339/40 AD) in his Praeparatio Evangelica (Preparation for the Gospel) Book 1, Chapter 10.

_______ First appeared in Arabic on Al-Rahala Lebanese magazine, Date N/A by Karim El Koussa

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