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The Phoenix Oracle is a sister page of the most ancient Fraternity of the ancient world, the Great White Fraternity—Phenok Council. It is a community organization that looks at the World Anthropology, Archeology, History, Religion, Spirituality, Mystery and Science from yet a different vision.

Phoenix Oracle’s team work is an Assembly of Brothers & Sisters studying for the purpose to decipher hidden codes found in old texts and on vestiges of our great human civilization.

Approach the information you receive with an open mind. We may collect, read and analyze news appearing on News/Media Websites and comment on them here on this website or write our own articles on the topics mentioned above.

Decoding & Revealing the Unknown Mysteries of the Ancient World by Enhancing the Power of Human Perception.

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The Great White Fraternity—Phenok Council is an educational and Initiatic organization.

An ancient fraternity, if not the most ancient Fraternity of the ancient world, founded around 1500 BC, or even a few hundred years earlier. The Great White Fraternity was a monotheistic religious community that began to function as an esoteric secret society in Phoenicia, and was then immediately adopted by Egyptian Priests.

To know more about it, please visit http://gwfraternity.org/ , like our page herein and, Join the Order !